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"Only those who know and love nature are able to protect her!"
This philosophy is our guideline throughout all our activities..

"DesireNature" (german: „SehnsuchtNatur“)  is a seminar-program which we launched together with the Youth-Education-Center Windberg in east Bavaria. This program offers seminars for young adults, adults and families with kids.


Our weekend seminars will bring new impressions, inspirations and life-changing insights!

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We need nature - Nature does not need us!

If we allow ourselves to cut off our natural connections, we are primarily harming ourselves.

And if we take resources from nature unchecked, we also harm ourselves.


If we do not give anything back, it creates a vacuum. And in a vacuum life is difficult, but mostly impossible.  This might sound banal. But our whole life follows this basic physical principle - in family, nature, economy, food, animal feed for the human milk and meat needs, mobility, consumption, technology, work, leisure ... 


Yesterday we had the misconception that we can ignore this principle. Today we feel the problems arise. These problems are the core of the challenges that we have to deal with today - as humans and as passengers of the small spaceship "Earth". 


The "Forest Lynx" (german: Waldluchs) intends to bring this physical principle back to life.
We show ways in which individuals, business and companies are able to shift into a life in harmony with a balanced "give and take".


We call this life principle "applied sustainability".

In our programs, seminars and services "sustainability" is a fundamental value for everyday life.

Be inspired!


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